Falcon Pro gets updated to version 2.0 with Multi-user support and Pure Black theme

Falcon Pro, one of the best Twitter clients for Android, gets updated to 2.0 beta and is available for everyone to give a try.

Twitter has lately improved its mobile apps a lot. The Android app has been completely redesigned and looks much better now. Nevertheless, the app ecosystem is what makes Twitter fun for me, especially on Mobile.

For starters, Falcon Pro is a very popular twitter client for Android. It became immensely popular after releasing in the previous year – for its design, tablet support and more.

Because of its popularity, it reached Twitter’s token limit soon, but the app developer got away by resetting tokens and making the app available for download again.

The app is now due for a 2.0 beta update (not stable yet), and here’s what’s new. Read on.

Falcon Pro beta

Multi-User Support

Probably one of the most requested features, it’s now baked into the app. I don’t myself maintain multiple twitter accounts, but I can see that many people maintain their business/company’s Twitter account along with their personal Twitter account.

Switching accounts is easy – you’ll see a spinner in the left sidebar, showing you a list of available accounts.

A small downside to this implementation is that, you can no longer go to your profile page by tapping on your user account.

Pure Black theme

Falcon Pro ships with a grey theme by default which looks pretty dark. In the 2.0 version, the developer has added a pure black theme. As expected, the theme looks really great on AMOLED screens (I tried it on a Galaxy Nexus).

The obvious advantage is long lasting battery life – especially if you’re a Twitter addict, with the app open all the time.

Apart from these two major changes, there are small tidbits like inline previews for Vine posts (though it is half baked right now), the UI is a lot flatter (with bezels removed). The app also uses a new transition when you move to Tweet details page.

Try the beta right now

Here’s a good news: If you can’t wait for the app update to roll out, you can grab the beta and start using it right now.

To do that, first join the Google+ community for Falcon Pro beta testers. Make sure you use the same Google account as the one you use for downloading apps from Play store. Next, get access to the beta version of app.

You’ll then be able to download the updated, aka beta version of Falcon Pro. You of course need to have Falcon Pro pre-installed on your phone to trigger the beta update.

Do you use third party clients for using Twitter? If so, write them in the comments!

Update: The app is now available on Play store. The updated version also has a swipe to switch tabs feature which is really handy.