Branding the earth for satellites in space [Video]

Branding is very important. Almost all advertising is based on the concept of brand building. Large companies use everything from celebrities to tag lines which make you recognize the brand immediately. There is a trend now a days to brand your company for a previously unknown market which is space.

No aliens are not looking down through space and I am sure Firefox is not branding itself to aliens but it is doing so for a lot of people using Google Earth. A few years ago satellite pictures were only available for government agencies but today anyone with a computer can look up Google Earth imagery.

Image of Firefox crop circle.

Some of these branded images are difficult with Google Earth as you might have to maintain such a branded image on the ground for upto 3 years for Google Earth to pick it up with satelites and make it part of Google Earth imagery by default.

So what Google Earth fanatics do is take these ariel pictures and add it to Google Earth through extensions. The extension for Google Earth to show Firefox brand can be found here. Once downloaded just click on the file and Google earth starts automatically zooming in on the crop circle. 😉

Here is a video of how it works in Google Earth…

I found this a novel way for large companies to advertise especially brand themselves with towns and cities where they have a large presence.

Visit Google Earth Hacks for many such examples of brands being created on the ground specially for satellites to pick them up and make them a part of Google Earth.

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