Upload Multiple Files in Bulk to YouTube, Flickr, Rapidshare, Facebook, Picasa, Docs etc

Sometimes you want to upload lot of videos on YouTube or pictures to your favorite photo sharing sites like picasa or flickr. But they allow you to upload 1 file or a maximum of 10 files at a time and you’ve to wait before you can do the next upload, so batch uploading is the best way to quickly do it.

Today we have a Firefox add-on that allows to upload/download files from your favorite websites using a simple interface. It supports more than 16 websites like YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Rapidshare, Photobucket, Webshots, Omnidrive, Smugmug, SmeStorag, Google Docs, Snaphappi, Mosso, Box.net, Adobe share and slideshare etc.

Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) is a Firefox add-on that allows you to upload files from your local computer to a website in bulk or batch upload. It addresses the limitation of single upload and also shows any information like upload progress i.e how much was already uploaded and how much is still remaining etc.

Some more features of this extension includes :

  • It shows the local folders and remote folders which enables you to upload files by single click.
  • You can upload any number of files at a time
  • You can upload files to multiple websites using a single interface.
  • Ability to add multiple accounts and upload files to each account independently.

FireUploader – Download Firefox addon


cone crusher May 22, 2010

Though i want to upload, but i can not login youtube, fascbook, picasa erc.

TechGyo May 22, 2010

Good post But Already read this somewhere else

jose luu August 31, 2010

As of today aug 30th 2010: does not seem to work anymore with youtube