URL Shortener NXY.IN

There are many URL shorteners in the market now, and even companies like StumbleUpon, Google and Facebook has come up with their own shorteners. This is the new trend in the World now.

NXY is one such URL shortener from India. It is one of the richest applications in the industry. The name NXY is chosen with a meaning.

XY is the marketing plane, and ‘N’ is the third dimension to it representing Social Media. When N tends to infinity, it becomes NXY.IN. This signifies NXY bringing whole new possibility to the social media marketers. It is that universe of internet marketing.


So what does NXY do? It has functionality that integrates all relevant operations needed to share and track your link over the social networking sites. Few of the important features are as follows:

1.  Shorten the link which will be unique to your twitter ID (unlike other tools which give you common shortened link.)

2.  View the TOP links being shared through using NXY system

3.  View the TOP marketers distributing links using NXY system (decided by the number of unique clicks)

4.  Configure your own landing page by adding Google Ad sense or Personal Advertisement. (Allows you to earn money via the process)

5.  View the detail analysis of the link. Click Measures over a time period, selected by the user, and the hourly measure of click count to get better insight into the relationship between click and time.

6.  Referral and Browser details of the origin of click

7.  Details of marketers or users distributing the similar URL


The above mentioned are the features related to single user. The most interesting one is the corporate dashboard. In the corporate dashboard, user can create a community by inviting marketers to join the team. The user can then assign a domain to each of the marketers for promotion. Once the marketers accept the invitation they can start marketing the domain.

On the other side, the user can monitor the growth of his domain and track all the marketers to measure their performance. I believe this is just a start of new culture where each individual can leverage their distributing capability and led the marketing in the Internet.

If you are one of the online social marketers searching for the efficient solution then I would suggest you give it a try.

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syncvb February 15, 2010

The ability to earn via AdSense in really nice one.Sure I will give it a shot.