Use BlogIt Application to Blog in Facebook

If you are a Facebook Addict , you would love to blog from Facebook itself, there is a simple application “BlogIt” using which you can Blog from Facebook itself. It is easy and fun to use. The only problem with BlogIT is you can’t do lots of formatting in the post.But than also I would suggest this tool because it is very useful when you have to share some important or current news in your blog , you can easily do with your Facebook account while travelling , roaming and no need to open your WordPress account.

Follow the steps in order to blog using BlogIt from Facebook.

1) Login in to Facebook.

2)  On Left hand side click on Application as shown below

3)  Search for Blog It application , as shown below and Add It.

4) Once you add the application it will allow you to add multiple blogging account, as shown below.

5) Once you select an account it will ask for authorization, where you can provide your credentials.

6) Once credentials are provided you can do a test run.

These simple steps will allow you to blog through Facebook ,do let us know your feedback about BlogIT.