[Alert] Gawker’s Source Code & 1.4 Million Users Database is on Torrent for Download

I read somewhere longtime back that Internet is write-only medium, i.e you cannot delete once anything goes on the web! Unfortunately, for Gawker medias more than 1,400,000 registered users, above statement seem to be getting true. If you search for “gawker” keyword on any top torrent-search engines you will see list of torrents with all leaked […]

Usniff: A Meta Search Engine For Torrent

Sometimes ago, Rahul wrote a very nice article on torrent search engines. If you are searching for a rare file on torrent then switching between various search engines is a time consuming process. Usniff is a nice torrent meta search engine which can search from various torrents search engines sites and displays all the results quickly. It search from approxiamtely 16 […]

Top 5 Demonoid Torrent Site Alternatives

Demonoid is a website and Bit Torrent tracker. It was one of the most popular Torrent site. Demonoid.com started experiencing the slow loading and downtime due to excessive user registrations. It is one of the older torrent site which was launched in 2003. But from 2008 it is experiencing the prolonged downtime frequently. Normally the […]

How To Download 100% Working Verified Torrents

With a huge potential targets, bittorent sites are now the most safest place for hackers and spammers. In the past few months I’ve noticed more and more infected torrents getting getting popular. Some torrents are password-protected others contain malicious viruses, and there’s even fake torrents to lure in unsuspecting torrenters.So how can we know before […]

Use Google For Direct Downloads Instead Of Torrents

Torrents are fun. Downloading from swarms however has a negative side. The download speed may be capped, there are port forwarding issues. Upload is mandatory and you may not have a good seeders to peers ratio. Using G2P.org (a take on P2P – stands for Google-to-peer) allows you to search the web (via Google) for […]

uTorrent for Mac Released

One of the most popular bittorrent client, uTorrent, is now available for Mac. This is beta release and only available for Intel-based Mac. Like its Windows counterpart, Mac-version of uTorrent is lightweight and have simple user-interface. I used it to download few files had no issues. Stability is more than one can expect from first […]

FireTorrent : Firefox Extension for Downloading Torrents Without any external torrent client!

FireTorrent is Firefox Extension for all Torrent Lovers! While there are few extensions already out there on similar lines what makes this kool is its easy interface! Can you imagine it is so easy that you don’t need any external application like µTorrent or bittorrent?? Just click on a torrent link and the downloading will […]