The all new Google Doodle

Norman Rockwell’s birthday, the 3rd February is being celebrated by Google in their own way with an all new Google Doodle which is actually designed with Norman Rockwell’s painting.

Norman Rockwell Google Doodle

Many of you must have noticed the Google Search Engine homepage today. I also saw the same and rolled over the mouse on the Doodle and came to know of the mystery behind, with a tool-tip saying “Norman Rockwell’s Birthday – © 1926 SEPS by Curtis Publishing“. I clicked on it and was taken to the search for the web-pages having all the information about Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell was born February 3rd 1894 and died November 8th 1978. He is famous as a renowned 20th century American painter and artist.

Rockwell had his first breakthrough in art in 1912 when he was 18-years-old and from that point on, he never looked back.

As given on Wikipedia:
In 1913, the nineteen-year old Rockwell became the art editor for Boys’ Life, published by the Boy Scouts of America, a post he held for three years (1913–1916).[2] As part of that position, he painted several covers, beginning with his first published magazine cover, Scout at Ship’s Wheel, appearing on the Boys’ Life September 1913 edition.
The Norman Rockwell Museum is still open year round in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

He died at age 84 of emphysema on November 8 1978 in Stockbridge.

Here is the Wikipedia link where you can read more about Norman Rockwell: Wikipedia Link

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Suhas February 3, 2010

Yea, doodle’s cool but don’t you think that we’ve overdone it?

Can I say ….”OverDoodle”?

Some more post about it, we’ll officially become the “Google Doodle archive”.

PS: No offence intended…