How To Download 100% Working Verified Torrents

torrent logo With a huge potential targets, bittorent sites are now the most safest place for hackers and spammers. In the past few months I’ve noticed more and more infected torrents getting getting popular. Some torrents are password-protected others contain malicious viruses, and there’s even fake torrents to lure in unsuspecting torrenters.So how can we know before downloading whether the torrent has been infected and it’s working or not.

Vertor is bittorrent site where every available torrents is checked for viruses, fakes, DRM and passwords. For this, it first downloads and then scans using latest antivirus software’s for any potential threat and makes sure that it not fake or password protected.

vertor logo

Suppose if you are downloading a new movie or popular video songs, you can search for the file with it’s build in search engine and each video torrent files are listed along with it’s screenshots.So you could verify before downloading whether the video torrent was fake or not, thereby saving your precious bandwidth.Similarly, for music torrents users can preview 20 seconds of the tracks, to avoid downloading the wrong files.

torrent screenshots

Further more, If a user has downloaded a torrent from a different site and wants to check if it is good enough, he can enter the hash of the torrent on a special page. If the torrent was checked by it will tell you whether it is a good one or not.

hash search

Overall features of Vertor

  • Check torrent files for complete download.
  • Screen-shots of video torrents.
  • Audio samples for music files.
  • Text/read-me/NFO files preview.
  • Checks torrent by hash.
  • HTTP Downloading Through BitLet.


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