Useful web sites for torrents, software, games, etc downloads & free SMS!

#For FREE Online SMS

  1. – This is one I just came around today. Nice one but one problem! You can send SMS to only the person who have registered on it! That means only if your friend is a member of mobik then only you can send a SMS to him!
  2. – I used this to send whole pages thorough SMS. But with rise in the traffic the massages may take ages to reach but otherwise it has no problem like mobik! You can send SMS to the anyone! No membership is required!

#For Torrent Downloads…

Torrent is a nice way to download any sort of stuff – softwares, movies, games, etc (anything you can imagine in digital format) but the only problem comes when the seeders are less in numbers than the leachers, then the speed is really slow!

  1. – This is a free site. It does not require any account or anything. Here you can get almost anything you want to search for. After searching the item please make sure that the host you decide to download from has more seeders than leachers. Rest enjoy!
  2. – This is not a free site. You have to have a account with it to download. This site provides you with all the Hindi stuff like movies music videos, mp3’s and also of other Indian language! Here also please make sure you have enough seeders!

#For FREE Software Downloads, Cracks & Keys

Apart from torrent site listed above there are other options too as torrent sometime does not work in LAN environment!

  1. – This website provides every software in the world (it has never disappointed me). It gives u rapidshare links or other links from where you can download the software. The softwares are always in their full versions or with cracks, keys!
  2. – You can download the pro-version of LimeWire from the above options(torrents/ddl2) as its not free! Once you are in the programs option search for the required software, games, etc and its done!

BUT please be sure that what you dowload is not a virus or trojan…

how can you do this???

The unwanted material is in KBs. The name that appears is same as what you searched for but you will see the required softwares are larger in size say MBs than the unwated stuff which is in KBs!

Also use best antivirus!



Ajay September 16, 2007

could some one send me a desitorrents invitation.PLEASE

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2007

Sorry man I dont have it!
In fact I want it to as I get many request for that! 🙂

abhish September 28, 2008

guys desitorrent has stopped giving invites…..its only thru paying up we can get invites…..even dc has done the same thing….

nadz July 8, 2010

For me I only relay on Torrent Site that has hundreds of thousands Verified Files like, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.