Top Orkut Hacks, Tools & Scripts Collection for NEW LOOKS!

As of now most of the Orkut User seems to have new Orkut interface on their account, its time to revise & update top Orkut hacks, tools, scripts & everything else which made Orkut more beautiful for geeks like you… 🙂

Here is the list of WORKING Hacks…

  • Orkut Scrapbook Flooder Extension (ScrapperV1.2) – One of the best creation of Devils Workshop till date! Glad to say its updated to work with new Orkut Code! Thanks Rohit Singh for testing this throughly and giving constant feedback 🙂
  • Orkut Toolbar – Well I know many orkut addicts for whom sending a scrap without proper formatting is like not orkutting at all!

If you got any working hack which you think should be part of this list please let us know as this list will go through many updates as more hacks will be updated! 🙂


agam berry September 5, 2007

i have been using vijays friend adder for quite some time … without it life is not life on orkut !!

now with the change in the script it has stopped working !! sob !!

if are not aware it is a java script and u have to enter a seed id in it and it does the work like scrapper … in java

it was my life line on orkut …. the new orkut friend adder available is a bot that opens all the pages … and i must say … IT IS SOOO DAMB SLOW !!

also i could not add more that 11 friends at one go in the no of tries i gave it ….

is there anyway i can or u can edit the friend adder to work again ?? it was such a state of art friend adder !! i miss it sooo bad !! sob !!

Rahul Bansal September 6, 2007

Lets give it a try agam! 🙂

Do u have old source code??

N hey if you can not find vijay’s new blog then its here!

sanu September 7, 2007

HI Rahul Bansal,

I’ve been a regular visitor to your site since I saw yours some time back…Now I’ve a query for you….

I ‘ve been using mass friend adder software which can add upto 1000 members in a community….

I’m here to launch a new s/w for orkut which can automatically create a new Gmail ID and Orkut Acount and add friends provided all the ID name & password reqd and users shd definitely verify image verification….

So for that I ‘m testing this mass frd adder s/w…daily i create upto 40 fake profiles from my pc and add 100 frds to each profile..but d next day its getting deleted…

can u suggest me…how many frds can I add wid out getting my fake account deleted….please help me…thanks and regards,

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2007

Sorry sanu for two things!

First for replying late!

Second for my unawareness about software you are talking!
I never tried such mass adder thing. Moreover it is spamming I guess so you have to face wrath of orkut! 🙁

sohan September 11, 2007

hey rahul…
i have been a regular visitor of this site….
but i never send u a comment…… but this time……i have to ….. coz m screwd
I think some one has hacked my orkut profile….
coz today when i opened my orkut profile i found my orkut title was changed……
plz do tell me how is it possible…… is my orkut profile being hacked or is it just a script to change some one title

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2007

Hi Sohan…
First sorry for late reply!

About your question… Orkut Never Changes your profile information be it title or anything!
Now VERY FIRST thing you should do is Change Your Password!
Then change your account information like secondary email address and so on!
Next scan your system for spywares (specially keyloggers), update your antivirus (in worst case you may need to format your system)

If you have any doubts let me know! 🙂

Ashutosh April 21, 2010

dude flooder is not working …

the flood option is not coming in it …

agam September 14, 2007

hey i did not read to the reply u sent that day and it is only today that i saw your comment ….

well the problem is that i have the application …. not the java script …. it is not available online ….

any hope ??

agam September 14, 2007

if u dnt rem who i am … the first post was by me ….

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2007

Sorry Agam for late reply! 🙁
By the way is that by Vijay Bhaskar??
N try to mail me application!
Wil check it n let u knw if something can be done! 🙂

Sunny October 11, 2007

Hey can you suggest how to find A password for gmail ID…….i do not remember any security details and the one i remember are incorrect. I don’t rememdber any other detail apart from the email ID.

Rahul Bansal October 22, 2007

Sorry but in that case all you can do is – create a new account!

Click here to know the reason… 🙂

ritu January 3, 2008

can u plz tel me sum other way to read locked scraps….the previous method u had told has been rectified by there sum other way out…

Rahul Bansal January 9, 2008

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for a 5-days vacations! 🙁

As of now we do not have any working hack which can unlock scrapbook. But if we discover new hack in future then we will be posting it here only. You can subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates in future! 🙂

KERTY MEDINA May 23, 2008

umm! know how on myspace…you can put fotos on the profile…..and as ur back can you do that on the orkut??


Rahul Bansal May 23, 2008

I don’t use myspace much, but if you give me some details/examples about things you are looking for, I may help you get them 🙂

naveen July 7, 2008

someone is using my photo on orkut by clicking it through phone camera and using it it another account which contains abusive things about me..can u please suugest me what to do…im relly in trouble..

naveen July 9, 2008

thnx for ur reply my problem is nt solved still as the person who clicked my photo hav profile name different from my legal name and impersonation form cant be filled because of problem is the person is using my photo and have different orkut profile name bt this account contains abusive text about me. i really dunno whut to do im so tensed beacuse of this. he creates profile on some other name n put my photo on that…infact its profile name is a tagline nt exactly the name…please help me out anyhow..sir

naveen July 10, 2008

plz sir reply me soon….

Rahul Bansal July 10, 2008

You can still contact orkut via help page or go to that persons profile and use report abuse option. Provide as many details as possible.

Last option, file a case with cyber crime cell. They can surely solve ask Google to delete such profiles in a day or two.

jass March 18, 2010

After great struggle i come that site. A guy steal my pic from my account and create another account of my pic bt nt on my real name. m in great trouble. pls give the best solution as soon as u can.

ranmee November 9, 2010

Is it really working?