uTorrent for Mac Released

µTorrent for Mac BetaOne of the most popular bittorrent client, uTorrent, is now available for Mac. This is beta release and only available for Intel-based Mac.

Like its Windows counterpart, Mac-version of uTorrent is lightweight and have simple user-interface. I used it to download few files had no issues. Stability is more than one can expect from first beta release.

µTorrent for mac

Now I am confused between uTorrent and Transmission, my favorite torrent client on Mac!

If you like to be notified when stable or a release for Mac OS X older than version 10.3 will be available, you can submit your email address here.

Rest can download beta version from here!

One Comment

Chetan Gole November 30, 2008

I am waiting for uTorrent which will work on my Ubuntu Linux.
Though currently i am using transmission for that purpose