Valentine’s Day Spam spread on Facebook

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Facebook Lovers. When people are busy sending roses, gifts and stuff, Facebook spammers are busy with new spams to disgust people. Well, yeah there are spams going on like who will be your valentine this year or how to put a heart or love poem on their sweetheart’s wall.

Valentine’s Day and Special Valentine applications are responsible for such messages. When you click on any such message it takes you a screen creating a random message and displaying it to everyone on your wall without your permission. Well, we cannot say exactly without your permission because before going into that application you do click on ‘Allow’.

The scammers earn commission on such vague applications when you complete some absurd survey. Thing is just as earlier it was think before you speak, it is think before you click allow 😛 now.

What do you think ? Did you come across such activities on your Facebook wall ? Share your views with me.

Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network