Renren: Chinese Facebook with over 160 million users

“Facebook me!” – these two words have always been around since Facebook came to inception. The World has been Facebooking each other since then, however there is a quite different story going around in China. –  a website in China which means “everyone” is hitting the streets there with more than 160 million registered users and is almost similar to Facebook in terms of functions and features, however it is tailored for users in the Chinese market.

DW renren1

It is also in the news that which started in 2005 is even preparing for a Public issue while Facebook’s present valuation is estimated at US$ 63 billion. The Chinese Facebook is clearly taking an advantage of the International restrictions in place in China which has even resulted in a huge growth in its advertising sales.

A Chinese user quotes – “I use Renren to connect to my Chinese friends and Facebook for International news and information”.

We all are not yet sure when Facebook is going to enter the Chinese space or if Renren is going to be the next Facebook connecting the Chinese masses, but the website is definitely giving a chance to the Chinese to say – “Renren me!” 🙂

Link: Renren