[ThankYouTutor] Make Money by taking Online tuitions!

The first time I went for my tuition classes was the time when I was in standard 11th. It used to be 6 in the morning and in that extreme cold, I used to visit our professor with my legs shaking. And it is today when the internet has the solution even to this (Well, I didn’t mean my shaking legs :P).

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Ofcourse with rapid Internet growth across the World, people are more than just connected but even sharing emotions through technology. In this league what comes next is Desktop sharing technology, which you might have heard of. Internet users are now even able to view each other’s desktop in a real-time view, even light pens are being since long to draw images and bring them to life in the Digital universe.

Don’t mind… I am just coming to the topic only! ThankyouTutor is a website which allows you to get tuitions for any or all of your subjects for a very small fee. It even let you prepare for your exams and take Live classes online directly from any tutor in any part of the World. That’s the real power of Internet, isn’t?

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Reasons I recommend ThankyouTutor!

  1. One of my closest friends have used this website personally and even taken few LIVE tuition sessions for few kids in Mexico and Canada right here from Pune, India.
  2. You can take lessons in morning or even at night in the US just sitting at your own place.
  3. There are two formats you can take tuitions on – Get your assignments completed with detailed explanation or just get Live Sessions. Taking Live sessions will need you to download a Desktop application (probably made in Java!) which will let you have fun :), just kidding, I mean will let you get Live tuition sessions.
  4. Getting help for your assignments is easy as there are several options. You can email them with your assignment and time to submit, you can even ask them to call back or directly call and ask. However, you can get to know the exact fee for any assignment(s) or Live session only after inquiring.

I guess it is more than enough description for you folks! Rest you can check yourself using the link provided. Drop in your comments and valuable suggestions, otherwise… (obviously I can’t do anything :P)!

Link: ThankYouTutor

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    1. @Rohit NVVS: Not at all. We do not have Paid Post on DW.
      Ankit found this site quite useful and thought it would help some readers learn about making money from online tutions. As he had friends who were already on this site – we knew the site and its services were quite trustworthy.

  1. This tutor is a rip off. His sites says a full refund for failed mark. He gave me a failed mark on a grade and did not do anything. Would stay clear of this, he answered no emails.

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