Vlingo:Just speak to get things Done! [Mobile App]

Imagine if speaking to your Mobile phone can be the solution to everything you do, how would be your life then? Want to search for the nearest restaurant, want to update your social status on Facebook or just want to send a text to your colleague that you will be late, everything is possible using this little application Vlingo.

Vlingo offers you powerful voice applications which convert your words into action. This is achieved using Vlingo’s accurate voice recognition technology which works on most platforms like Windows Mobile, Android (2.0 and higher), Blackberry, iPhone OS and the widely used by Nokia, Symbian OS.

Image Courtesy: Vlingo official website

Vlingo is available in both FREE as well as paid versions, the paid one being called “Vlingo Plus” at a price of only US$ 6.99 for Nokia Symbian OS phones. Vlingo is completely free for Android platform and all of its features like Calling your friend, Updating Facebook status, Sending Text messages, Sending emails and Searching on the web. An example of how you can speak to Vlingo is: “Email Mayank; Subject, Regarding Phone; Message, I will return the phone to you tomorrow.” or the simple one is: “Call Mom”.

You can download, find the tutorial videos and see all screenshots for Vlingo at their official website. If you know of any other such application share it with me through the comments below.

Link: Vlingo