Wal-Mart to sell Apple I-Phone for $99?

iphone-walmartThere are rumors since a couple of months that Apple will reintroduce 4GB I-phone, in collaboration with Wal-Mart, just for $99. Though there are no official news about it, this rumor will surely remind you of Steve Jobs’ statement, where he disclosed his willingness to bring down I-phone’s price to the lowest in the market. Even I am not sure whether there is any such deal between Apple and Wal-mart, but I think, an I phone for just $99 would be really worthy for every mobile phone users.

Also, there are possibilities that it may be a news leaked prior to its announcement. Apple may decide to bring this offer keeping in mind, the launch of so called I-phone killer handset Nokia N97. Well, I am pondering that, even if Apple comes up with any such deal will that $99 offer ever come to India?

(Via BoyGenius)


p@r@noid December 10, 2008

iPhone in 99$ it will be cool 🙂

Le0nard0 December 16, 2008

Again for 2 GB set, it will cost $69. 😉 Then only it will be called Tech Revolution..
what say guys?

Rahul Bansal December 16, 2008

Lolz.. 😀
How about 1GB in $49!?!

Prijanesh April 4, 2009

Price of i phone 3g in U S A

hangs June 10, 2009

really coooooool