War Initiated between India & Pak in Cyber Space?

kalam Recently after attacks in Mumbai there were hot discussions going on between India and Pakistan, and from sources it was revealed that Pakistani hackers defaced a lot of Indian websites, blogs and even Orkut communities.

Also there were a lot of complains in Orkut Help Group regarding, hacking of a famous Orkut Community “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Fan Club” having approximately 200 Thousand members.

As per an article on Thaindian:

The community group holds significance for the orkut members, as it is probably the biggest platform for the young fans of former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam. And, the most of the members of this community write in it with deep affection and respect for their ideal in life. There are 207,249 members in this group.

The hackers have renamed the community originally named Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as Indian and now using it as a platform for malicious and objectionable content.

Though, the name of the community has been restored to what it was, and the homepage of the community reads “We have got control back from Pakistani hands” still many Orkut experts suspect that the Community is still with Pakistanis disguised as Indians..

So the question is, why those unethical Pakistani hackers are targeting more and more Indian websites, blogs, Orkut communities and at the top of it eminent Indian personalities?

Has war being initiated between India and Pakistan in the cyber space?

Do let us know what do you think!!

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Gautam January 9, 2009

For the time being, I don’t think that the CYBER war has begun.
If it would have, there would be much big stories. This is also big, but some websites also. Government websites are being targeted now a days. People try to find the XSS or SQL Injection loopholes.