Watch television shows online

There are many sources to look up old movies but when it comes to Television shows it is not as simple as pulling up the Google page and typing in the name of the TV show. Last week I was reading a interesting post by Rishabh Agrawal on how you can watch full length movies on You Tube, I was intrigued to see if YouTube had something similar for television shows.

Well I was not disappointed and YouTube does have a channel where I came across many old and some new full length TV Shows.


About You Tube Shows Channel

  • Majority of the TV shows that come up are not really the latest episodes. Most of them are for you to catch up on old ones. I personally liked the Documentaries section which have a lot of shows which are quite recent.
  • Another great section is Comedy and it has some of the best TV shows of the past avaialble for free. For instance if you were growing up in India during the 80s you might enjoy looking up Fawlty Towers or even 21 Jumps Street.
  • No Indian TV shows as yet and that is a little unfortunate as there were some very good televisions in the past during the late 80s and early 90s.

Well next time you feel like watching something that you might have seen on TV, searching on You Tube Shows Channel might be worth it.


internetcable June 29, 2010

so true weird thing is I did not know about this before now.

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