Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks! [Recommended App]

digsby logo Long time back we reviewed desktop, cellphone and web-based multiprotocol messengers i.e. messengers which supports multiple IM network like Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, etc.

Now in desktop category my long time favorite pidgin got serious competition from digsby which not only operates across multiple IM network and do email notification job but also makes your life easy on social networks like facebook, myspace & twitter. Surprisingly there is no donut for orkut users at this time! 🙁

One option that will surely beat other desktop IMs is compulsion to create digsby account. With this option you will have all your accounts’ information stored on digsby server.

This is good as you don’t need to re-enter multiple account info every-time you install digsby on a new machine. For people like me who uses atleast 5 PC’s in daily routine, this is something I want from long time. Also its good from security point of view as you will need to enter only digsby login info from unsecure places like public cyber-cafes!

Other Notable Features:

  • Simple and clean interface. With option to change skins.
  • Adding accounts is too easy. You will only see field that are necessary unlike pidgin where advance options confuses you!
  • Better privacy control at global level as well as per account basis.
  • Option to hide Mobile contacts. This is good as a lot of Yahoo users are always stay online from their mobile via SMS.

The only thing I am not sure about its chat-history feature. Its there but it will be great if they maintain chat-history on server-side like IM History does.

As of now its available for Windows only. But Mac & Linux versions are also on the way. So cheer up! 🙂

Links: Digsby Homepage | Features List

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