Welcome To OrkutDiary… :-)

Here we are, introducing our third service for Orkut users- Orkut Diary- a dedicated blog for Orkut! The other two being – Orkutfeeds and OrkutForum!

More than 2 years back when I started blogging, I used to blog mostly about Orkut and many used to consider Devils Workshop as an Orkut blog! There was a time when we had more than 90% content related to Orkut but as we started to cover more topics on Devils Workshop, Orkut users among our readers community started complaining.

To counter that problem, we temporarily introduced a dedicated Orkut feed there and also invited our readers to take a poll where we asked – Should we start a new portal for Orkut?

Results are quite clear as you can see below! 69% participants voted in favor of a dedicated Orkut blog! 🙂


So here we are, introducing our third service for Orkut users- Orkut Diary– a dedicated blog for Orkut! The other two being – Orkutfeeds and OrkutForum!

For Subscribers…

For RSS and Email Subscribers…

As I mentioned before, if you have subscribed to the dedicated feed for Orkut posts at Devils Workshop, you need not worry about anything as all subscribers will be migrated to Orkut Diary’s updates automatically.

Those who have subscribed to ‘all posts’ feed at Devils Workshop need to subscribe to the Orkut Diary feed separately to receive updates from the Orkut Diary.

For Google SMS Channel Subscribers…

If you have subscribed for updates via Google SMS channels for Orkut posts in the past, you will continue to receive updates effortlessly. If you are not aware about our SMS updates facility, please click here to subscribe for free SMS updates.

Follow us on Twitter…

Twitter users can follow updates at Orkut Diary by @OrkutDiary.

About old Orkut content at Devils Workshop…

Now comes the main question, which many of our team members have asked – What about the Orkut related content at Devils Workshop???

Technically, being a WordPress expert myself and with the help of our Agent WordPress aka Mayur Somani, we can do all the content migration, without affecting any SEO or traffic, at the most in one hour!

But most of our posts regarding Orkut contain information about hacks and bugs that already got rectified with time. Also, as Orkut is upgrading itself, many posts are becoming irrelevant with time. So we will look for only good and useful content and will post them here with improvements in the coming days!

For DW co-authors and guest bloggers…

Like Devils Workshop, Orkut Diary also follows the same revenue sharing model. There is no need for you tosignup or join Orkut Diary separately. Your Devils Workshop login as well as AdSense information will work here as it is! Kool huh… isn’t it! 😉

Also, just for your info, your login details at Devils Workshop will work at the Devils Workshop forum and Orkut Forum as well. The same will be the case with all the future blogs that we will be launching in the coming days!

So what are you waiting for? Login and start posting! There will be a surprise in store for you…


First and foremost, thank you Orkut and thanks to all Orkuttians for all the love and support you have given to us over the years! Special thanks to my two orkut-blogger friends Darnell Clayton (from InsideOrkut) and Gaurav Dua (from OrkutPlus) for supporting Devils Workshop in its early days. I will never forget Darnell’s contribution to my professional blogging career.

Back home, I would like to thank our editor Deepak Jain and co-bloggers who kept Devils Workshop running, allowing me to spend sometime on setting up the OrkutDiary.

If you like the theme of this blog, which was purposefully Orkut-cloned, then its credit goes to Mayur Somani, our Agent WordPress who worked really hard in creating this. He is still working on the theme for further improvements.

In the end, thank you everyone for being with us!

Do share your feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. and please do not mind if any link is broken or not-working as the Orkut Diary is still in BETA!


shalin desai January 2, 2009

Though I am not at all part of any web-designing, one very small suggestion as a user :

the color difference u have kept, to differentiate between the today’s date and the other dates. (on the right most column of this page). May be keeping it BOLD, or using some other “eye-catchy” color would be more noticeable. this is just a suggestion, i may be wrong 😉

one more thing, its 2.30 am 2nd January right now, and this page is showing 1st January as today’s date. 😉

this is a nice platform for all Orkut users.. keep growing like this.. u guys rock 🙂

zazo January 2, 2009

Hey Rahul,
First of all Congratulations for your new and interesting endeavor. It’s really nice to see something like this. I noticed only when I visited your profile for New Year wishes.
All the best with Orkut Diary.
Best Regards,

Quakeboy January 2, 2009

Great initiative. I hope you keep up the same speed as before.

template is kool as it is exactly like orkut. But might need a few tweak for alignment, text font, color etc..

Darnell Clayton January 2, 2009

Thanks for the mention! 🙂 Hopefully by the end of 2009, we will all be probloggers (despite the economy).

Kaushik January 2, 2009

Good start Rahul, despite your late start you carry your goodwill. Looking forward for regular updates and posts from OrkutDiary. I would be adding this website to Blakut search engine and blog updates rightaway.


Deepesh Sodhi January 2, 2009

Congratulations! Way to go in the year 2009!

Gaurav Dua January 2, 2009

This is great 🙂

Looking forward to your posts 😉

Best Wishes and thanks so much for the mention 😛

Pranav Gupta January 2, 2009

Hey congrats rahul…& best of luck for this new venture….
But what about orkut blogging at DW ?? R u stil gonna post orkut related posts over there??

Pavan Kumar January 2, 2009

Man, this theme really rocks…

Well done Mayur.

Congrats Rahul on this great gift on the new year. Let your all ventures rock and wish you have a wonderful success with your great plans and ideas.

Pavan Kumar January 2, 2009

One suggestion.. Make the logo clickable link as most of us are addicted for that 🙂

Chetan January 5, 2009

Theme is really superb, Great work.
Still some work is needed on theme, bcoz few images are incomplete.

Deepak Jain January 12, 2009

Pavan pointed out a good point of making the logo clickable.. But you are yet to do that 🙁

Manish Kundu January 13, 2010

Try the new orkut