Why do I prefer Facebook than Orkut?

These days social media is at its boom. Graduated? Upload your photos. Recently got a job? Where else can you tell all your friends and family about it just in one click :). I enjoy these social site’s update,comments and applications.

Being a Facebook addict I would not think of any other platform when it comes for social purposes. But I do not want to avoid Orkut all at once. After all being an Indian I started orkutting much before than I tried my hands on Facebook :).

Some reasons why now i prefer sticking to Facebook can be:

  • Starting from the look and feel, I think Facebook has a better UI (user interface) than Orkut.
  • We use social mediums to get in touch with friends and family, I think Facebook gives you more facilities to get to know what is happening in your friend’s life.
  • If I have to upload images or something I prefer Facebook than Orkut, for its simplicity and many functions.
  • While talking about Facebook and Orkut how can I ignore the Privacy feature 🙂 that makes me a Fan of Facebook. If you are using Facebook rather than Orkut you will stay away from stupid ‘Fraanship’ requests :).
  • How can i miss speaking about  the facebook games :), a huge time pass and a lot of times interesting too. Games like farmville, Poker, Mafia etc. entertain a user excellently.
  • Business wise if you are using Facebook, there are Facebook pages with an interesting graphics that help you exceed your business and promotion things. The ‘share this’ option makes it really fast and easy to spread any news or data.
  • I really enjoy it when I can display a certain update to ONLY people I choose(custom select). If I do not want a certain person 😉 to see my post and rest of my friends should be able to see it, I can change my settings and do that too :).
  • Facebook keeps a check on you, if you are using your real name while making an id or not. If not then it can stop you.
  • I do like certain things like you can view how many and which users saw your profile on Orkut :).

With a certain amount of my friends using only Orkut I would not suggest leaving it all together but yes I enjoy Facebooking more than Orkutting :D.


Sauravjit August 31, 2010

Nice points I must say!! 🙂

Himadri Dimri August 31, 2010

thank you sauravjit 🙂

Rahul Sharma September 1, 2010

Good work 🙂

Rahul Sharma September 1, 2010

Very well crafted points!!