Will Google run your Television in the future?

Google is into the business of Internet, Operations systems with Android and Chromium and now mobile phones with Nexus. Now that leaves out Television and Google is now rumored to be planning a two pronged strategy to enter the Television market. The first strategy is by tying up with Dish Network where their set top boxes will run on Android. The other part of this strategy is a tie up with Sony to build Television sets with Android based format.

Google Android on Dish Network…

Google has tied up with Dish Network, one of the biggest satellite television providers. An android powered set top box will allow easy access to content from YouTube directly. It also might make a difference as it customers will be able to create playlists and subscribe to specific content. Also with both the set top box and the mobile phone being Android there should be interesting potential for combining the two seamlessly. Google might make money through selling ads on the network.

Google Android on Sony TV sets…

Sony Television sets might be programmed with Android based platforms. This will again be high competition to services like TiVo. This move is on the basis that the future of Television content will be through the internet. We can probably expect a decent browser for looking up web content and also access to YouTube along with Picassa web albums.

Will Google be too powerful?

This will raise a now increasingly common debate that is Google getting too powerful with access to all we look up on the internet and now they might have access to content we have on Television. Would people be comfortable with Google having access to which channel you watch more and hence give you customized ads?

What do you think about Google’s foray into TV platforms? The prospect is surely exciting but the downside is something people might be not very comfortable with, atleast in the present.

Do drop in your comments with your views.

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Loveish March 20, 2010

I think google will be producing almost every electrical item in the coming future 🙂

Aditya Kane March 20, 2010

more than producing it is looking to programme it . 😛

Sourish | Friendly Blogs March 21, 2010

wow !!! Google TV . Aditya , do you know any satellite service provider with high def media ? Im planing to get a Large LCD TV . Dont want to see pixelated images .

Krish March 22, 2010

Great stuff…
I think…The new world will be called as “Google World”..
Google is going to give everything….