Winners and Losers of Google’s New Image Search Design

Google Image search is undergoing a change of design that will display images inline. While it might be useful for some websites it might also displease others.

Google will soon start rolling out a new Image search layout for desktop browsers. This will firstly make the experience of looking up images on tablets platforms and desktop browsers uniform. This actually leverages the current redesign of Google’s search options showing up at the top instead of on the side.

Here is the new format that we all will start seeing in the near future for Google Images


The images will be shown inline and navigation by using keyboard will make looking up results a lot simpler.

Winners and Losers

Google will show the full sized images inline instead of displaying the image against a whitened backdrop of the original page. That was actually impacting the server load as it showed up ‘ghost’ visits to websites. This ideally would not be very harmful for blogs and similar websites but sites known for storing public photos might find this a better deal.

But that does not mean everyone will be happy with this change. If you clicked on a small image, it took you to a page where the image is from. This is a great way for many websites get a lot of visitors to their own domains. Google is trying to appease their concerns by making the domain name clickable and also display a button to visit the original page.

That said from a user experience point of view, this change is for the better.

Have you seen this new format for Google Search for Images? Do drop in your comments.

(via Google Webmaster Blog)


Anand Hittinali January 28, 2013

Looks like the new google image search would be more simpler and as you said change is for the better, lets hope it is. Thanks.

John Unger | Tech Enthusiast January 29, 2013

I love that new format, and can’t wait for it to kick-in. It seems like Google has always been the front runner in understanding how people use the Internet for professional purposes. As someone who posts content online as part of my job, I’m always looking through hundreds of images in any given moment, and the inline presentation and keystroke navigation will work incredibly well for people like me.