WordPress 2.5 FAQ – A Must Read For All WordPress Users!

Like most of you wordpress users, we also moved to WordPress 2.5 on the same day it was released.

I know you like its cool interface and new features, but there are many things that has been changed drastically or completely removed from WordPress 2.5. While most of these changes may not affect many wordpress users but if you come across them later, you will surely get confused. So better go through this WordPress 2.5 FAQ, even if you have no questions about it at this time.

Here I am putting what helped me personally..

  • In my post about moving to wordpress 2.5, I have mentioned, "…Left-aligning of admin pages leaves hell lot of white space on wide-screen monitors…". Thanks to this FAQ, I come to know about Viper007bond’s Remove Max Width Plugin. I haven’t tried it yet!
  • Also the option to enable/disable Gzip compression gave me hard time while using a caching plugin which I don’t use anymore. Anyway that option has been removed!
  • Also I was not aware of the fact that reverting back to WordPress 2.3.3, if something goes wrong, won’t be easy!

Link: WordPress 2.5 FAQ