March To Success! [Summary]

image Thanks to all of you, March has been most successful month in my blogging career. In March only, our traffic, readership & earning gained new heights!

So here I am presenting quickly recap, of March month…

# Traffic

We received 54,457 unique visitors and more than 100K page views in March only. As can be seen in following graph, I messed up things in February. But that mess taught me lots of things which together helped us march to success!


(Source: Sitemeter)

While in 50K visitors around 10K was from stumbleupon on post discussing 5 Best torrent search engines, I guess still 40K is good number. That means more than 1K unique visitors per day. Something I dreamt long time back… 🙂

# Readership

We also crossed 1000 FeedBurner readers mark on 14 March. This is much more important than other things because at first I thought, it was some kind of spike and will eventually go down, but since that day the counter never went down below 1000!

Also as we have now 3 different feedburner feeds alongwith many other feeds like comment feeds, the actual readers base is much larger than shown in FeedBurner counter.

# Earnings $$$

On earnings front, total rise is around 6 times. With this pace, it will be easier to switch to full-time blogging in June as per my current plans!

Our Google Adsense earning are 3 times higher while rise in traffic is around 2 times. In other income sources, kontera earning increased by 7 times and our affiliate earnings shoot up to $128 from mere $3 in February!

I will be sharing my secret what worked for me with you in coming days! As per earning considered, check out kontera, if you don’t use it!

Thanks again for helping us reach new heights! 🙂

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Dunn April 2, 2008

Congratulations! Looking forward for your tips.

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

Thanks… 🙂

Shaunak May 5, 2008

Just seen your workshop today only for the first time……
very happy and surprised :)……..
You are doing a great thing man :)……..
best wishes 🙂

Rahul Bansal May 5, 2008

Thanks for encouraging comment Chhatripati Shaunak! 🙂