WOT – Firefox Addon for Safe Internet Browsing

One of the basic principle of Safe Internet Browsing is to pause for a little before clicking any URL and think about where that URL is likely to lead you. Rash surfing and indiscriminate clicking are two biggest reasons for people to get infected with malware while browsing Internet.

But with the constant evolution of the tricks of malware spread, it is sometime difficult to identify BAD links from the good links, and even if you are careful enough to pause before clicking, chances are always there that you click on a BAD link and get doomed.

How to Browse Safely

In such a situation, it is always advisable to use a tool, which could advice you about your safety on reaching the destination of a URL.

WOT, the acronym for Web Of Trust, is one such tool, which just does the same job perfectly. It is actually a community based tool, where community members vote for a website based on several factors and offer their comments. Based upon their aggregate weighted votes, a safety score is deduced, which tells you whether a link leading to that website is safe to visit or not.


WOT is a powerful community, with some of the users really zealous and trustworthy.

WOT is available as a browser security addon, which you can download and integrate with your favorite browser. After you install it, you will find a small colored circle just besides a link on webpages. The color of the circle tells you about

Limitations of WOT

However, since the effectiveness of WOT is dependent upon the votes given by the users like you and me, its accuracy is sometimes questionable, specially in cases when the votes cast are very few.

This has actually happened with me also when one of my perfectly legitimate blog was marked in RED zone by some users erroneously. The reasons was simply that there were some affiliate links to some perfectly legitimate security software on that blog, and they were tracking cookies like any other normal website supported by ads.

I had taken up the cause with the WOT community in their forum and they were quick to help. Many of them re-rated the blog with their positive votes and comments, and it was soon in the GREEN zone.

The Verdict

Overall a nice security tool, which can help you immensely in your efforts for safe internet browsing. But use it judiciously. Do not rely entirely on it and use your own discretion.

Link: Download WOT

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