Write in Strikethrough and Underlined text on Facebook [How-To]

We have another cool trick for all the Facebook lovers. This time we will tell you how you can update your Facebook status or even comment on other’s statuses with Underlined or Strikethrough text. Before this I want to clear one thing that writing a text in Strikethrough in MS Word and then copying and pasting it to Facebook won’t work as both texts have different encoding. Let’s see the simplest way of doing that.

Writing in Strikethrough/Underline:

To update a status or post a comment on Facebook in Strikethrough go to this website. This is a direct link to the tool which generates the Strikethrough Text. Write the text you want to convert to Strikethrough format in the box 1. and click generate. After that copy whatever text it shows in the box 2. and post it on Facebook. For Strikethrough select ‘Format Type’ as ‘Horizontal’ on the same page. For Underline select ‘Format Type’ as ‘Underline’.







Writing comments and updating statuses on Facebook in Strikethrough and underline is something new and trending. Don’t forget to give it a try. 😉

Update: You can also write this underlined or strikethrough text in Facebook Messages.


Psychover January 22, 2012

Misguided article. Came through those type of sites/generators previously. Doesn’t give the actual strikethrough effect.

+ the site provided by you is giving WOT red warning.

Aditya Kane January 22, 2012

@Psychover: The site is considered safe according to Google’s Malware Diagnostic and also McAfee Site Advisor.
I won’t hold WOT as the holy grail of safe browsing and its always a better way to check multiple sources. For example here is a link to WOT showing official forum of Digsby with red warning.

sauravjit January 22, 2012

Thanks for the clarification @Aditya

@Psychover Even the Strikethrough and Underlined texts are working fine. You can see the second image in the post thats the result of code generated from this tool only. If that’s wrong please tell me what’s the “actual strikethrough effect”?