Detect any ID who’s invisible/online on Yahoo Messenger [How-To]

We have tools like Buddy Spy to detect who’s online and invisible on Yahoo Messenger. Buddy Spy is a good software but with lots of limitation but don’t worry we have something for you where you can detect even those users who are not in your contact list. This method is very useful when you are chatting in Yahoo rooms where everybody appears offline. Let’s see how you can detect any Yahoo ID whether it’s online, offline or invisible?

How to Check?

To check for any Yahoo ID, go to the website and enter the Yahoo ID in the box given there. After that click ‘Check’ and it will tell you whether that Yahoo ID user is online, offline or online but invisible. Also there’s no need to add the user in your friend’s list too. Just check status for any valid Yahoo ID.

What else you can do with it? also allows you to add a user on Yahoo directly from the website, send him/her a text or voice message. You can also find the person on Facebook or Hi5 with his/her Yahoo ID and spydetect. For all these options check out the link:

Here replace YID with the original Yahoo ID of the person and hit enter. After that click on any option as shown below.

Find on Facebook feature is really good. Using this you can find people on Facebook directly from Yahoo Chat rooms.