Yahoo Answers gets a redesign and new features

Yahoo Answers after being neglected for years gets a new design and also new features. The new features include better compatibility with mobile platforms and also support for images and video in answers.

While searching for answers online, you probably have been directed to a Yahoo Answers page from time to time. Yahoo Answers was a question and answer service that allowed users to ask questions on any topic and other users to write in their answers. The website was very popular and still has a lot of questions asked and answered on it. Only problem with it was that Yahoo itself was ignoring it for years.

Yahoo’s CEO being a ex-Googler would know how regularly Yahoo answers get featured on Google’s search results. So it is not a surprise to see Yahoo Answers not being neglected anymore.

Today, Yahoo Answers got a much needed fresh coat of paint and some very useful features. The new design makes it easy to understand how Yahoo Answers work. It has a home dashboard which show users activity, questions marked in a watchlist or even recent questions asked.

Here is a screenshot of the new design:

Yahoo Answers NewNow compare that to the old design which is still active outside the US.

Yahoo Answers Old

The search feature on Yahoo Answers is a lot better than before. It prompts questions much like Google search does. Also now there are no closed questions but all questions asked remain available for reference. The notifications on questions has also been updated with more easy access on every question and answer. The new design also supports mobile platform a lot better than previous version.

The biggest change is support for multimedia. Now answers can include images and videos. You can view an introduction to all the new features in the video below.

Yahoo Answer’s competion

While Yahoo was asleep at the wheel with its Q&A community, there have been a notable competitor. One that is seeing a lot of questions answered is Quora and it marched ahead thanks to its social media integration and also allowing people to post answers with images and videos from other web sources. Google is also looking to roll-out a new video help service called Google Helpouts.

What are your views on the new design for Yahoo Answers? Do drop in your comments.


Andrew Gitt September 18, 2013

Yahoo did a great job in preserving the existing functionality of Yahoo Answers while adding more features and improving it as a whole. I’ll surely miss the old green YA! Thanks for sharing Aditya.

Ankit Bansal September 23, 2013

Yahoo has come back and has come back strongly. I love the new changes and especially this helps cause i often go to yahoo answers , though mostly for the funny questions 😛 //