Yahoo launches ‘Search Browser’ Axis which is actually a browser add-on!

Yahoo has launched Axis which is it calls a new search browser. I was a little surprised on why Yahoo was launching a new browser, as I would imagine its best talent would be employed in improving search and other services.

Well Yahoo Axis is not exactly a browser but a set of browser extensions which work with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on the desktops. It is also available as a standalone app for iPhone or iPads.

Features of Yahoo Axis

  • The extension basically provides the ability to search for stuff online, saving a webpage as read later and bookmarking.
  • The layout is rather neat and search seems to be more visually attractive than the usual search engines which show a bunch of links.
  • Yahoo Axis will probably a lot more useful as phone and tablet apps. At the moment it is only available on iOS platform.

Yahoo might be a company in decline, but it still is visited by millions everyday. So this app might be quite a interesting development for users. The idea might be novel but I do think it is a case of too little, too late for Yahoo as a internet giant.

Here is the video demo of Yahoo Axis

What are your views on Yahoo’s Axis? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Yahoo Axis


saurabh May 28, 2012

yahoo axis is too small an effort by a big company

avinash May 29, 2012

it is a browser meant for i phone and iPad and is available as a separate application

syed Suhail May 29, 2012

Do we have a option to import synch data of gmail which is stored in chrome ?

Aditya Kane May 31, 2012

I do not think there is any option to sync Chrome data – especially Gmail on Yahoo Axis at the moment.