YouTube crosses 2 billion views per day

A look at YouTube crossing the 2 billion views per day threshold and its growth over five years. Also a peek into what YouTube wants to be like in the next five years.

YouTube had a short video of some 30 seconds which was the first one uploaded to its server. This was the first video on YouTube ever and from there started a revolution. The technology was not new and videos were being streamed before but YouTube took this technology and transformed it into a community. Communities make brands and YouTube is no small brand.

Almost everyone reading this post will have a YouTube account and if not, surely watches a lot of them. Today YouTube announced that it has crossed the mark of 2 billion views per day. That means 2 billion videos are view everyday on YouTube. These numbers are massive and shows that YouTube is a player everywhere in the world. The graph below shows the rise of YouTube over the last five years in terms of views per day.

YouTube has clearly shown where it wants to go in the next five years. They claim that on an average each person spend 15 minutes a day on YouTube compared to 5 hours a day in front of the Television. With that it is apparent that YouTube wants to have its presence as wide and popular as the television itself.

What do you think? Will YouTube get there?

Link: YouTube Blog


Ankit May 18, 2010

I can’t understand why YouTube is considered as one of the biggest tech failure, even if it gets 2 billion page views a day (it’s a huge number!!). May be cause it hasn’t yet come up with a model to make money.

Aditya Kane May 19, 2010

I do not really think YouTube is a tech failure. It is probably a little less monetized than it could have been but then Google might have bigger plans.

Rajeel May 18, 2010

No wonder … 🙂