Top 5 Demonoid Torrent Site Alternatives

Demonoid is a website and Bit Torrent tracker. It was one of the most popular Torrent site. started experiencing the slow loading and downtime due to excessive user registrations. It is one of the older torrent site which was launched in 2003. But from 2008 it is experiencing the prolonged downtime frequently.

Normally the Torrent sites are well known for pirated version downloads providers which also feeds legal downloads. Demonoid is one such a kind of site that is feeded with millions od official books, Legal music and free Promotional Software downloads.

Recently Miminova is ordered to clean up the infringing torrents from its site. As it’s now taking the help of 3rd party to filter the copyrighted content.

Here are the 5 alternatives for Demonoid Torrent Site:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. Mininova
  3. ISO Hunt
  4. Bit Soup
  5. Vertor

Demonoid is a invite based torrent website. It provides the major quality, no-porn, exceedingly few viruses.

  • The Pirate Bay : Download music, movies, games, software and much more. The Pirate Bay is the world’s largest bittorrent tracker. The world’s most resilient bittorrent site” and is ranked as the 99th most popular website in the world.

  • Mininova : Mininova was one of the largest BitTorrent index sites. You can download Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software and more. Mininova is the largest BitTorrent search engine and directory on the net with thousands of torrents.

  • ISO Hunt : isoHunt is a BitTorrent index with over 1.7 million torrents in its database and 20 million peers from indexed torrents. It is a Bit Torrent search engine, with an awesome P2P community sharing comments and ratings in discovering new media.

  • Bit Soup : This is the fastest growing P2P downloader Torrent website. Bitsoup is the greatest place for anything bit related, movies, games, music and more. It is a private torrent website.

  • Vertor : One of the best and high quality torrent service provider with no Fake torrents. You can gownload music, TV shows, software, video films here. Users voted Vertor as the Best Torrent Site this year.

Do let us know which one if your favorite torrent site?

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15 replies on “Top 5 Demonoid Torrent Site Alternatives”

  1. Nice Post Siddharth..!

    There’s one more ‘’, You can Search Torrents here.. And It lists A Wide no. Of Available Torrents..! 🙂

  2. siddartha, i am a demonoid user since more than 4 years now..

    one thing i have found out is the number of trackers attached to a torrent..

    if you are talking about speedy downloads of torrents.. you should also mention the number of trackers coz it will give consistency any a higher speed rate if any particular torrent site is busy or down..

    i have used thepiratebay mininova isohunt torrentz

    you should also the process of adding tracker to your download file and finding them over othr torrent site

    1. But Demonoid is a private Torrent site, which you can only register when a member of that site sends you the invitation and now its overloaded and its getting downtime frequently.

      1. demonoid down
        thepiratebay down..

        hopeful that mininova n isohunt stays afloat

        any torrent site that is down shouldnt make much of a difference if you add trackers of the same file from different sites

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