YouTube dresses up for TV sets and mobile phones

Google has traditionally clashed against Microsoft and Yahoo over dominance over the internet. Recently we see Google has started stepping on the toes of Apple. One can safely assume two priorities over the next year for Google are Google TV and mobile phones.

This is where YouTube which is considered to be vastly under performing when it comes to creating revenues will be crucial for Google.

YouTube has announced a new service called Leanback which basically is helpful for watching videos on a bigger screen. It automatically keeps streaming one video after another based on your preferences. This will be quite useful for viewing YouTube videos on a Television set. Google TV anyone? 🙂

Just visit and start to look up video is full screen mode. I have a pretty large screen with my laptop. The controls were with directions mainly to choose screen through videos.

If YouTube has come up with leanback for large screens then is meant for the ultra small screen of a mobile phone. It is a new format for looking up YouTube online.

Check out the two videos by YouTube for Leanback and mobile and let us know what you think of them through your comments.

Leanback video

YouTube’s portal for mobile