Google TV gets Official: Set to replace your Idiot Box

Google has officially unveiled its much talked about product – Google TV, at Google I/O conference. A device running its Android operating system to integrate Cable Tv with Web Browsing! Google Tv gives you a realistic means to surf the internet, while you are watching your favorite Tv programs side by side.

Every year, google has introduced something big at Google IO Developer conference. Google Wave was came in as an announcement in the same conference last year, which never was a hit, but the concept was real big. We had already announced that Google TV will be showcased in this year’s I/O Conference. Google has partnered with Sony, Logitech and Intel to bring its product to the market.

Google wants to dominate internet completely, and for this the company is invading internet in every possible way, whether it be your computer, mobile phone, notebook and now, your TV! Here’s the official Video to make it make clear to you:

As the company says, Google TV is a place where “Tv Meets Web. Web Meets Tv“. What do you think about it? Let us know!

Published by Sahil Malhan

A part-time blogger who loves learning new things.