Google+ Gets Integrated with YouTube and Chrome

While Facebook, might be struggling to roll out it’s radically new layout called Timelines, its rival Google+ is ruthlessly churning out new updates and features.
The latest one Google+ getting supports for notifications and sharing on Chrome browser.

Look up these Chrome extensions which allow sharing and getting notifications form Google+ quite easily.
The fact is for any social network to be successful, it needs people to be sharing on it without visiting the site. In the sense, like we do with Retweet buttons or FB Like buttons on just about any webpage.

YouTube baked into Google+

Another new feature of Google+ was rolled out. It involves integration of YouTube into Google+. For YouTube addicts, there is a small YouTube Icons that when clicked allows users to plays videos in a separate pop-up window.

The videos can be played along with being added to a playlist. Google+ will also start soon showing up these playlists in search results.

I guess somewhere down the line, Google has started integration of all its products and services into Google+. At the moment, not a lot of people are sharing on Google+, but it is not exactly a dead place either.

What do you think about Google+ after more than 3 months after it was launched. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google+ Extensions for Chrome