Google Gets the World to “Do a Barell Roll”

Google has a strange sense of humor. If you search for ‘Do a Barell Roll” on Google, the results load up but not before the entire page rolls around 360 degrees. This is an easter egg and it has gone viral. For many hours now, it is the most searched query on Google. 😀

The easter egg works only on Firefox and Chrome browser but not on Internet Explorer.

The search query went viral on Twitter, and this chart below from Trendistic shows how the search query went viral on Twitter.

What does ‘Do a Barell Roll” mean?

This has been inspired from a Nintendo video game called ‘Star Fox’. The game was hugely popular in the mid-1990s and Google seems to be paying it own homage to the game. The ‘barell roll’ was a manoeuvre in the game.

Google employees seem to be huge gaming fans, as it had over two years ago given a homage to the game ‘Zero Wing’ with a strangely coded Tweet.

Video of “Do a Barell Roll” on Google

The amusing part is how many people love such small quirks of Google and how quickly they go viral within hours.

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