YouTube Allow Adding Subscribe and Share Buttons on Embedded Videos


YouTube is the king of online  videos with more than 48 hours of videos uploaded every hours,  recently it  has crossed 4 billions of views in a day. YouTube has great feature of embedding the videos on any Website or Blog, this help in promotion of videos as well as retention of users on the site.  Earlier users could only view the videos but were not able to get information about the videos (descriptions), nor were they able to share it from the site where videos are embedded.

To share users has to visit the YouTube video page. But now YouTube has rolled out two new drop-down button in the embedded videos which allow users to view the infromation of videos as well directly share it to Social media sites without leaving the site.

Share Video directly

There are two new drop-down button added in the embedded videos  at the top right after the title of video – Share and More info. With Share button, which open a sharing page on the video itself allows user to share video on Facebook, Orkut, Google+ and other major sites.

It also allows user to embed video as they do on YouTube, with all available options like embedding-size and the starting point.

Get information about the videos

The ‘More info’ button displays the Channel on which the video can be seen, along with the no of subscribers of the Channel and an option to subscribe to the Channel. If you have already signed into your YouTube account, after pressing subscribe button, you will be automatically subscribed to the channel otherwise a popup will appear to authenticate. 

Details of the videos as well as no of views and likes and dislikes are also shown. This feature of videos can easily turned on/off.  It is good for the user to get the information about videos without going to YouTube. Users can also like or dislike the video while they start watching the video, those button appear on the same title bar.

youtube subscribe in embedded video_info

This will be hugely important for people creating video content on YouTube to be able to use it on a website without losing out on the social juice.

 What you think about these changes YouTube done on embedded videos? Do drop in your comments!


Aditya Kane March 23, 2012

Thanks, have made some changes grammar wise. Do look them up to improve next post.

Diane June 13, 2012

Is it possible to delete the More Info Button from the embedded video?