YouTube Unveils Slam: Pits Similar Videos Against Each Other

Almost anyone who watches online videos, does spend a lot of time on YouTube. Google has redesigned YouTube recently, which encourages viewers to share videos socially and view videos watched recommended by their friends.

YouTube has launched a new addictive game, called YouTube Slam. This pits one video against another and lets the user choose.


For regular YouTube users, this could be a great way to discover new videos. Two random videos are pitted against each other and we have to select one of them. The videos are categories under Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance. The videos that win most often get highlighted on a leaderboard.

YouTube’s Viral Tool

Such a game, where videos are pitted against each other can be very addictive and the preferred way for some to pass time. Searching videos to watch something funny can be a boring job, so such small features will help YouTube users discover videos randomly. It could also be a launch pad for some videos to go viral.

Try out YouTube Slam for yourself and drop in your comments.

Link: YouTube Slam