YouTube’s New Design is Available!

Redesign of YouTube was probably a tough nut to crack for the folks at Google, as it was playing around with a very popular layout. The new layout was available thanks to a hack but starting today it will be available for all users.

Thankfully YouTube does not mirror other Google products and the distinct identity of YouTube has been left intact.


Emphasis on Social Connections

YouTube is Google most successful social network. Yes, it does have Google+ which is growing fast but YouTube has become a great social product even without a real plan of becoming one.

What more is that YouTube has an awesome 3 billion videos viewed on it. So it is natural that with the new design social interaction would come to the forefront. The overall management of your videos, comments on them and socially shared videos is organized a lot better than before.

Users can also connect their social profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and MySpace to YouTube.  Google+ activity shows up automatically.

How to connect Facebook, Twitter to YouTube

To add new other social accounts, click on the top right hand corner icon displaying your YouTube username. From the drop-down select Settings.

Now on the left hand column click on Sharing. Here users can connect other social networks to YouTube.


What are your views on the new design for YouTube? Do drop in your comments.

(via YouTube Blog)


Anil Agarwal December 2, 2011

New layout looks much improved. Specially Analytics section looks more organized.

Aditya Kane December 3, 2011

@Anil Yes the Analytics section is more organized along with subscriptions.

Gourav December 2, 2011

Finally we have something good to see from Google. The new design of Youtube is really cool and well organized.