Zynga: Farmville Game developers open office in India

Everyone of us know about Zynga by now. They are the game developers behind the famous game Farmville. Zynga now opens an office in India, now.

The new “Studio-1” is the largest Zynga studio outside the U.S., and has come about a year after Zynga set up a development center in Bangalore. The studio will develop new features for about eight current games from Zynga including Vampire Wars, YoVille and FishVille, said Shan Kadavil, the company’s country manager for India.

Zynga has 100 people in the development center which is about to be doubled this year. More than 1.5 million people in India play Zynga games daily. Nice numbers! 🙂

This is a great way to increase one’s business, right ? People may get more involved into Facebook games which will lead more popularity. Well, I hope the games are improved and it may lead more people into Facebook madness. 😀 what do you  think? Share your views with me here.

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