Online Tool to Play YouTube Videos From a Specific Start Time

If your browsing habits are anything like me, I am pretty sure that you spend quite a bit of time on YouTube watching videos. Sometimes we want to skip to the interesting part of a video. There is a simple trick to do this in YouTube.


Let’s say you are watching a video and its URL is If you want to see the video from 10 seconds onwards, just type in Just adding “=0m10s” allows us to stream the video from 10 seconds rather than from the start.

In case you are little lazy or cannot remember how to go about playing YouTube videos from a particular time, there is YouTubeTime which might be of help.


  • Just enter the URL of the video and choose a start time.
  • Once that is done click on “Get Link” and you will see the new URL which you can copy.
  • If you wish to check the video directly, click on preview.

In case you are like me and are lazy to change the URL on address bar of your browser, try out YouTubeTime. Do drop in your comments.

Link: YouTubeTime


soigneur March 16, 2011

This tool is not required because one can play videos from specific time by simply dragging to pointer to that time. This one is not upto DW standards.

Aditya Kane March 16, 2011

Yes you can drag the pointer to the time, but this tool mainly works at changing the URL suitably so it can be shared.