Apple Working on Cheaper iPhone 4 for India and China

Apple gadgets are generally considered to be expensive. Even in the smart-phone category, an iPhone 4 is right up there as one of the more expensive products. There is a whole demographic that Apple does not tap into. This is about to change, as Apple is developing a cheaper version of iPhone4.

According to Reuters, an 8 GB iPhone 4 is being manufactured by a South Korean company.

It is obvious that the cheaper iPhone 4 version will be targeted towards the mobile markets of India and China.

The phone will  be unveiled around the same time iPhone 5 is expected to be introduced.

Effects of Cheaper iPhone 4

This might be a good strategy by Apple to break out from North America and Europe into the emerging markets where ultimately growth will lie.

What are you views on a cheaper iPhone? Will you buy one? Do drop in your comments.

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