Windows 8 Will Change The Way Copy-Paste is Done! [Video]

If you are using Windows 7, there is a good chance that while copy-pasting files from one folder to another, there may be two files with similar names. Considering copy-paste is one of the most used commands on any platform, Windows 8 tries to change the way people will approach copy-paste jobs.

With Windows 7, users get the options “Copy and Replace” , “Don’t Copy” and “Copy, but keep both files”.


I usually like to use the third option and then go over both files at some later time (which never happens :-P).

Windows 8 is changing how people resolve conflicting file names. Users will get the option to choose the files they want to be saved individually (see image below).


This will help users to actually select which versions of the files they want or keep both versions. According to official Windows 8 post, they plan to let users manage all copy jobs from a single place.

Here is a video with further details on Windows 8 file management basics

Windows 8 will be crucial for Microsoft, and new approach to file management is a good idea. What are your views? Do drop in your comments.


Bhavesh August 25, 2011

Thanks for sharing. Very useful

pena August 25, 2011

sounds fun and inteesting….a lil concept from linux of parallel copying

esa December 29, 2012

i really want the renaming function back i don’t understand why they removed it. its idiotic to say the least. and its not like its a staggering amount of programing. i think Microsoft is annoying users when take away an option like this just search in google or bing there are hundreds of people complaining about this. and to say people don’t need it its just plain ignorant