Create Disposable Email and Keep Track of Messages via RSS Feeds

The best way to stop spam is not share your email address. This is why people like using temporary or disposable email addresses. We have covered many services that allow creating temporary or disposable email addresses. Such services are ideal if you want to sign up anonymously to a forum or even if you want to register with some service.

With, not only can you create a temporary email id, but also track the email sent to that address using RSS feeds.


Just add your nickname in the box and click on ‘Check mmmmail’ The email address is created and we get a new RSS feed to keep track of these messages sent to this address.

The URL of the feed is quite simple. It just add nickname.xml after

Also make sure that you are not tracking important email this way as considering it is a RSS feed, anyone who has the nickname can easily track it.

Try out and drop in your comments.

Link: Mmmmail