Apple Working on Cheaper iPhone 4 for India and China

Apple gadgets are generally considered to be expensive. Even in the smart-phone category, an iPhone 4 is right up there as one of the more expensive products. There is a whole demographic that Apple does not tap into. This is about to change, as Apple is developing a cheaper version of iPhone4.

According to Reuters, an 8 GB iPhone 4 is being manufactured by a South Korean company.

It is obvious that the cheaper iPhone 4 version will be targeted towards the mobile markets of India and China.

The phone will  be unveiled around the same time iPhone 5 is expected to be introduced.

Effects of Cheaper iPhone 4

  • iPhones have tremendous brand value and at the end of the day a cheaper phone will obviously eat into the profits of other mobile makers like Nokia, which also dominates the niche of cheaper phones.
  • It also might start putting the pressure on Android which also has made its presence felt with cheaper models.

This might be a good strategy by Apple to break out from North America and Europe into the emerging markets where ultimately growth will lie.

What are you views on a cheaper iPhone? Will you buy one? Do drop in your comments.


Umarfaruk M August 24, 2011

cheap means? price?

Aditya Kane August 24, 2011

Cheaper means lower priced phone model.

Umarfaruk M August 24, 2011

because i’m willing to buy this one! any other link to get the price details? or not yet confirmed?

Aditya Kane August 24, 2011

the price is around $150 to $200 – which is expected but nothing confirmed as yet. Will write about it when they actually unveil the product. 🙂 stay tuned to Devils’ Workshop.