O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition Genuine License Key

ood10proThe O&O defrag Defrag Professional is just replacement for default windows defragmenter. This O&O defrag offers some much advanced feature which are not available in default defragmenter. We can maximize our system performance by using O&O defrag  which is not carried out by your default defragmenter. This unlocks your computer’s hidden performance. By securely repacking your hard disk‘s fragmented data back together, the operation of your hard disks can be streamlined to run with lightning efficiency. O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition offers an extremely simple user interface with a multitude of important functions you won’t find with other defragmentation software.

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SEO Blogger: Research your keyword in 2 minutes!!

If you are running a blog, then I think you may have a knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is very important for every blogger and all must have to adopt it in there blogs for getting good amount of traffic.

Keyword Research is also a part of SEO, but most of the bloggers have neglected this aspect because of it’s a time-consuming process or they may don’t have sufficient knowledge about power of using keywords in there post.

Google AdWords keyword tool and word tracker are the most popular online site used to research good keyword. Both are  free tools and really gives good result. There are various wordpress plugins that too helps in SEO buliding.

But if we need a keyword suggestion from a website, then we must leave current page and need to search for the keyword. This is one of the most annoying thing. Here is an add-on, which is launched by one of the most popular keyword research site called WordTracker.com and named it as “SEO Blogger”.

SEO Blogger:

Most of the bloggers are unaware of this must have add-on. It can help you to research a good keyword in the current page itself! yes, it’s true. We may not need to visit any site to get keyword ideas. All the keyword suggestion will be displayed where you are.

How to use SEO Blogger:

    • Download SEO Blogger add-on from the Word Tracker
    • After installation click “ctrl+shift+W” or look at the bottom of the browser you will see “W” icon click on that.12-31-2009 8-10-21 PM
    • In the same page you will see the keyword Research option

12-31-2009 8-12-22 PM

  • In the Enter a word box enter your keyword and click search, within a few seconds you will get the result in the below column.
  • Click Add button which appears in the Right side and start writing your post
  • In the below column i.e. “Your Chosen Keywords” will start displaying how many times you used the selected keyword in the post.


  • Saves time.
  • We can track how many times we used the targeted keyword in the post .
  • Easy to use user interface.


  • It displays only one ad.

Download Link:SEO Blogger Add-on

Saw a video? Copy it to your system

Every time the videos that we see on a website gets stored on our local disk  in the form of cache. Most of us don’t know about it and we simply start downloading a new copy of the same watched video with the help of some software. Why we need to wait again if already we have downloaded the video?

So, today I will introduce an utility which can help you to take the cache from your browser and copy to your desktop or local disk.

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Create your own themes without having HTML and CSS knowledge

Are you a blogger and interested in making your own professional looking themes for your blogs ? but don’t have a technological knowledge about creating theme ? it’s ok, now it is possible to create your own theme without know anything about css and html knowledge. This can be made possible with the Artisteer software the one and only Web design automation  product. This post explains how we can create our own template with the help of Artisteer software.

Most of the blogger have there own dream towards there blog design but it is not possible to achieve as they dream because they may don’t have the knowledge about the Css and Html. But now there dream can be converted into themes without knowing the html and css with the help of Artisteer software. Yes, it’s true we can make theme with the artisteer.


Artisteer is the first first and only Web designing product that can create a themes for you as you wish with the help of Artisteer we can create theme for most blogging platforms such as Joomla templates, Drupal themes, WordPress themes, DotNetNuke skins, and Blogger templates .

Artisteer screenshot

The above image is the screenshot of Artisteer software. It looks similar to the Microsoft word using the Artisteer software we don’t need any technical knowledge because the software is designed in such a way they any one can easily understand the function of this software.

This software contains 11 tabs. These tabs are the main working areas in the software They are  Ideas, Colors & Fonts , Layout , Background, Sheet, Header, Menu, Articles, Blocks, Buttons, Footer. We will explain the functions one by one.


ides tab

Suggest Design: The suggest clicking on the “Suggest Design” option you will get theme suggestion that it goes on changing the themes what they have in the software. You won’t get unlimited number of themes but it can able to display some amount of themes what the software contains. In the above image you can see one theme is displaying after clicking on “Suggest theme” option the theme is changed to next theme. The Suggest Design option is used only for the purpose of the changing the theme.

Suggest Colors: The suggest color options goes on suggesting the color of the theme i.e in the first screen shot you may see the white+blue+gray color theme when you when on the suggest colors the theme color may changed to black+read+blue. When go on clicking the suggest colors may go on changing the color combination of the theme. It only changes the color combination of the theme but not theme as in Suggest Design option.

Suggest Fonts: The suggest fonts works same as suggest colors option but it changes only fonts not color.

Suggest Layout: The suggest Layout option goes on changing the layout design of the theme. For example the first image which contains the white theme with one sidebar if you click on suggest Layout property the layout of the theme is changed to some other layout i.e the sidebar may moved to left or two sidebar may comes in this way it goes on changing different property.

Suggest Background: The suggest background helps in changing the background color of the theme without making any changes in the theme it just changes only background color of the them making all the things constants.

Suggest Sheets: This works like a style sheet. It going on change some looking property.

Suggest Header: It changes the headers of the theme means it change background images of the header to another images with different sizes of images.

Suggest Menu: Changes the menu placement, structure and etc . This property deals with menu item.

Suggest Article Design: This goes on dealing with the title property, tags etc

Suggest Blocks: This changes the blocks design structure for example the sidebar blocks design pattern goes changing when you start clicking.

Suggest Buttons: If the theme contains any buttons then you can change the button appearance with the suggest button.

Suggest Footer: This property changes the footer display style.

This completes the Idea Tab. I think you will get some knowledge about Idea tab.

Colors & Fonts:


The above image of the colors and fonts tab. This tab gives the more option which is used in the Idea tab for more customization. You can see the same option which is available in the Idea tab but here it goes in depth option means you can find more property which is not displayed in Idea tab.

12-26-2009 3-35-42 AM

For example you can see the above image which is the property of “Color Themes” this option works same as Suggest Colors: option which is available in the Idea tab here is the we can easily choose the properties. All other option available in this tab gives more option so that we can easily customize our theme.

All the other tabs i.e layout, background etc which provide the same functions which are explained in the Idea tab but here they give more property or for every there they will displays the dropdown menu as showing in the color Themes option in the above image.

Official Videos:

Introduction to Artisteer

Working with Artisteer


  • Easily create themes for any blogging platform.
  • Easy to use
  • No need to have a technical knowledge
  • professional looking theme can be created
  • We can add personal images in the header what we see in most professional blogs


  • Slow: If you click to change the theme color then you may need to wait for 5 to 8 sec of time to change
  • Cannot able to change the size of the sidebar or content area.
  • You cannot able to apply any creativity to design. All are fixed you need to work within that boundary itself.

This software is only recommended for those peoples who don’t have the knowledge of theme creation. This software is not for the people are who the some what css and html language because those peoples can create there own theme with there own creativity.

Download Link: Artisteer software

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Best search engine for Rapidshare and Megaupload

Today we can see very large number of file sharing sites some of them getting more popular and some of them are not. These file sharing sites getting more and more popular for downloading illegal items because of the privacy purpose. We can get the same illegal item in torrent sites easily but people try to avoid downloading illegal item from those sites because they track each and every download you have made with there site. So, more chance of getting penalized from your government. If you download the same illegal item from the rapidshare or other file sharing site they won’t track your downloading what you have downloaded.

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Google Shortcuts: Get all Google Service in one place

Google-shortcuts-addon In our daily life we really tend to visit more than one Google service now visiting Google service made easy with Google Shortcuts add-on for Firefox. This add-on is really useful and handy add-on to visit any Google product with Firefox browser. If you’re a blogger or person who using more than one Google service then this add-on is recommended. The name itself indicates that it is simple shortcut for visiting Google service/site easily.

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