Google Knowledge Graph: Sign of Getting Back to Basics!

Google is making changes to search results. No, these are not algorithm changes to improve the search results which usually only SEO experts and website owners care about. :-)

This is a more visual change that shows more intelligently linked results. As seen in the image below, people using and using English, will see in depth information on certain search queries.

Here is a video of Google explaining the knowledge graph.

Is Google getting back to basics?

The search tool is a refreshing new feature thought up by Google. Google has brought out some interesting search tools like Google Realtime (which it has discontinued), Wonderwheel and Flight search. But lately it was obsessed with only social integration across all its web services. I personally have never found social search as particularly helpful.

Maybe with Google’s Knowledge Graph it is getting back to basics and concentrating on serving up more helpful search options and tools for users. That said it might make the search result page look cluttered.

What do you think about Google’s Knowledge Graph? Do drop in your comments

Link: Google’s Knowledge Graph

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