Facebook’s Value from Few Thousands to $100 Billion!

Way back in 2004 when Google announced it IPO, I was not really into following tech blogs. I read about it in newspapers and some magazines. I did realize that it was a once in a generation type of company that could start with such small scale and become worth several billions.

Today I am a tech blogger and have covered many aspects of Facebook. As Facebook went public on Nasdaq, it again got a lot of coverage. Even I am filled with wonder at the speed and scale of Facebook’s growth over the years.

Technology is the only sector where companies can be worth only a few thousand dollars worth and rise to become a $100 billion company in only eight years.

An infographic by GigaOm nicely shows how the company’s valuation rose from nothing to become probably one of the most valued companies in the world today.


The real value of Facebook is still in its potential. Investors think of it as the next big thing in web technology. What are your views on Facebook as a company? Will it remain as dominant as ever in say 5 years from now? Do drop in your comments.

2 replies on “Facebook’s Value from Few Thousands to $100 Billion!”

  1. Awesome Infographic. I was unaware that so many big names came for aqusition of FB during its initial phase. Well done Mark, he never sold it and kept on expanding it.

  2. FB is big-daddy now in social networking field. Earlier this title was associated with the name of Orkut. But as they say “Time changes quickly” 🙂

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