[Rumour] Google to Release Chrome Browser on iOS Platform!

The browsers are soon set to move from computers to mobiles and tablets. According to Business Insider, Google is planning to roll out a Chrome browser app for the iOS platform this year. At the moment Safari is Apple’s default browser for iOS and all links users click on open automatically on Safari.

Earlier this year Google brought out Chrome beta for Android 4.0.

I use an Android and liked using Chrome browser which is still in beta. It can be synced with my Chrome browser running on my laptop. Chrome does have a fantastic developer base around thanks to it’s Chromium project.

It has retained its speed and minimal look with a wealth of options underneath. The near seamless synchronization options of Chrome, will probably interest a lot of iPhone or iPad users, who might be using Chrome on their computers.

Also at the moment, for all the money Google makes out of searches and ads served through Safari on iOS, they have to shell out a cut to Apple. If these ads were served through Chrome, Google would not need to shell out anything to Apple.

Is Apple the new Microsoft in the Browser Wars?

Apple probably plans to not allow other browsers form being set as default browser for their iOS platforms. That sounds a lot like it’s one time favorite foe Microsoft, which did the same for Internet Explorer on Windows.

I must say, this is not a scientific research on my part but most people I know who use iPhones or iPads, are actually not such big fans of Safari. More interestingly most seem to like using Chrome.

What are your views on Google’s plan for a Chrome browser for iOS? DO drop in your comments

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