Dreamhost Unlimited Webhosting Plan

If you are a reader of this blog, then you might have come across Dreamhost’s unlimited hosting plan few days back. It was limited time offer and many people regretted about not making decision in meantime.

Now its time to come over it as Dreamhost reintroduced there Unlimited hosting plan for limited period. This time they haven’t mentioned date (or I might have missed it) but its only for first 1111 customers.

There is one interesting change to Dreamhost policy in meantime. They now offer 50GB space for personal backup on each account. You may find this offer somewhat crazy as you are already getting unlimited storage. Even though you can get unlimited hosting with many webhosts none of them allow it to be used for personal backups as per Terms of Service (ToS).

Finally, enjoy $50 discount by using promo code DW50.

Link: Signup for Dreamhost (promo code included in link)

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